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HotShot for the Goldmaster
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"State of the Art" Search Head for the Whites GOLDMASTER and GOLDMASTER GMT Metal Detectors.

The 12" HOT SHOT Search Head was designed for locating very deeply buried "low conductivity" metals such as Gold and is handcrafted using the finest materials and workmanship available.

It is constructed using a "concentric coil" technology which has the ability to "partially reject" mineralized ground signals while still maintaining excellent detection depth. Typical "air test" sensitivity for the Whites "GMT" Goldmaster Detector, using the Hot Shot Search Head, is in excess of 16" for a nickel. Detection depth will be greater on larger targets than the standard elliptical coil, as this is generally true for all larger coils.

The Hot Shot Search Head coil design geometry was maximized for high sensitivity and extremely light weight for a coil of this size (weighing only one ounce more than the standard Whites 5X10 inch elliptical coil).

The following are a few "hints and tricks" in using the Hot Shot Search Head as the performance characteristics are slightly different from that of the standard 5X10 inch elliptical search head, which utilizes a "Double D" coil geometry, that is supplied with the Whites GMT Goldmaster Detectors.

  1. It is not recommended or necessary to "scrub" the ground while searching as slight variations in ground strength and character may produce very slight "false signals" in heavily mineralized ground.
  2. Maximum ground cancellation occurs when the Hot Shot Search Head is held slightly above the ground (approximately 1/4 inch) while hunting. Detection depth for deep targets actually increases due to less "ground signals" being passed to the detector and the majority of very small "surface trash" will be less bothersome.
  3. The standard elliptical coil, a fine coil for its intended use, can be scrubbed against the ground during hunting as it is a very rigid (and somewhat heavy) design. Although the Hot Shot was designed to find larger deeply buried targets it will also detect very small surface targets as well and, unlike the elliptical coil design, maximum sensitivity occurs in the exact center of the coil rather than tapering off towards the ends. This feature also enhances pinpointing accuracy.
  4. When ground balancing, "pump" the Hot Shot up and down several times toward the ground without actually letting the Search Head come in contact with the ground. This will insure a more accurate ground balance and greater detection depth.

From all of us at Applied Creativity, Inc., we hope your detecting experience using the Hot Shot will be both rewarding and enjoyable.