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Automatic Target ID makes the IDX Pro™ an excellent choice for grab and go hunting.
Sweep the loop, hear the beep, look at the target ID on the display and start digging. A powerful affordable detector that's feature packed and easy to use!

"Since I got my Classic IDX, I started out working in parks. When I learned how to use my detector, I started to look for deeper coins at old homesteads. Shown are things I found in parks within a month. My best find so far is an 1864 Medal of Honor.

Ditter C.

  White's IDX Pro Metal Detector
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  • Patented flash-phase "hot circuit" picks up treasures 30% deeper. IDX users love the turn-on-and-go simplicity!

  • Automatic Target I.D. The display shows the identity of detected targets as you Sweep the coil. Easy-to-read graphics.

  • Two Primary Controls: Discriminateand Sensitivity with Preset range settings for easy operation. Ring Range detects all jewelry and coins. For trashy areas, set at the higher Coin Range to ignore junk and pick up most coins.

  • Black Sand Switch. Boost your sensitivity when hunting extremely mineralized ground.

  • Frequency Adjust Control. Hunt side by side with other White's detectors without interference.

  • Trigger Pinpointing switches to "Zero Disc" for easy pinpointing.

  • 3-Piece Rod Set breaks down into a compact package for travel.

  • Silent Search Discrimination. Hear just the treasure.

  • Very Slow Sweep and Quick Recovery. Great for trashy areas.

  • Optional Adjustable Ground Balance . Can be adjusted to accommodate extreme ground minerals.

  • 9 1/2" waterproof search coil.

  • Slide -in "AA" battery system for up to 50 hours of hunting. (Optional rechargeable system available.)

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