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I have only been detecting for less than a year now, and only 1 month of that have I owned a White's detector. For most of 2001, I have plinked along every area of opportunity for any coins and Civil War / Indian Wars relics I could find. Being able to afford only an electronics store brand detector, I had no idea what I was missing. Finally I was able to purchase my first of your line of detectors, a Classic I.D. After my first day out, (the second week of December), I was sold! I headed to a spot in which I had become familiar with, on a friends farm. In the past it has given up a few US eagle coat and cuff buttons, as well as a few coins. I have always enjoyed hunting his property, occasionally with a few detecting buddies, but recently was thinking it was about hunted out. My first target of the morning was an eagle coat button, 6" deep, and gorgeous. I was sure I had hunted this particular section before, and to my surprise, I had missed more targets than ever expected. After two hours of hunting this area I had found two more eagle coat buttons, 3 Liberty V nickels, 4 Mercury dimes, and 2 Indian head pennies. I was astonished at the day I had, and how well my new detector performed. Little did I know this was only the first day of many similar to come. Over the next following two weeks, I hunted several other areas with two of my detecting partners, both of which consider me to have an un-ending streak of luck. I have been able to find 6 separate "pockets" of coins, numerous eagle coat buttons, ( three of which retain almost 90% of there original gold guilt ), 2 gorgeous cavalry coat buttons ( also with 90% guilt ), a civil war era cavalry spur, as well as numerous other coins and relics. The areas we hunt in have been hit by quite a few detectors, but were far from empty. Thanks Whites!

Submitted By: Dave (TN)
My wife and I have been searching for the elusive chest of gold for 10 years now. We have always used another brand of detectors. My wife got me a IDX Pro for X-mas. She said I was going hard of hearing and needed a detector that would wave at me when I found something. I bought her a Classic ID. It is not as technical as my IDX. We are including a photo of our first months finds on property that we had already gone over with the other brand. We are sold on White's detectors.

Submitted By: Anthony (TN)
I`m 14 years old and my dad and I have had our Classic IDX for 8 months and from the start we were finding money in our own yard along with an old silver pendant. Now we have found a variety of silver,gold and diamand rings, pendants and other jewlery. We have found hundreds of dollars in new and old coins along with this 1808 Spanish Colonial coin and one troy ounce of .999% fine silver formerly stored at the U.S. Assay office in San Francisco. We can`t wait to get another White`s detector!!!

Submitted By: Ed (FL)
I've found more jewelry and coins within the last 60 days since getting my Beach Hunter ID than I have in the past three years with my pulse machine. The difference is the BHID makes you more productive by not having to dig all the iron/steel targets. It's now a pleasure to work the wet sand to mid chest deep water on our area beaches. Before the BHID, I took the lazy way, mostly worked the dry sand beaches.

ID and IDX Pro Treasure!

Submitted By: Anthony (OK)
I have been a White's customer since 1990. Since that time I have been very satisfied with all your products. Your detectors look good and are built tough. I had only one repair among five different Whites machines and that was just a toggle switch! How has Whites made my dreams come true? Ever since the first time I saw a White's Metal Detector ad in a magazine when I was a kid my dream was to have a top of the line detector. I grew up poor and didn't get my dream until later in life. The enclosed photos are pictures of a childhood dream come true. Thanks to my old Coinmasters and my new IDX Pro and all the staff at Whites, you have made my dreams come true and I can honestly recommend them to anyone interested in the hobby... Just look at the results!

Submitted By: Dwain (MO)
I've found various gold and silver jewelry, coins, and relics. One of my best finds is the Daughter of the Civil War. I dug this medal up at 15 inches in Arkansas with my Classic IDX.

Submitted By: Damon (MO)
I found these relics from two civil war campsites in Southern Missouri using a White's Classic ID. This machine is great, now I have to have an IDX!!!

Submitted By: Jerry (OH)
I bought my White's Clasic ID in December of 2000. My first real hunt wasn't until April 2001. After digging some trash, I was not having a good feeling. On my way home I stopped at a friends house and asked if I could try his yard. He agreed. My first signal was a strong quarter. 6" down I found this large penny, between good and very good shape. This made my first hunt a real success.